Four Ways Our Catholic Missionary Work Supports the Global Church

How the Fruits of the Holy Spirit Empower Our Missionary Work

From Palms to the Passion: What Happens on the Days of Holy Week?

Fasting For Lent: Why We Practice Self-Denial During the Sacred Season

The Three Pillars of Lent: The Power of Prayer

4 Catholic Christmas Traditions to Implement This Advent

How to Make Your Advent Preparation Prayerful: Three Practical Tips

The Sacred Meaning Behind the Catholic Advent Wreath

Hope For South Sudanese Refugees: The Uganda Youth Projects

Ministering to the Living While Praying For the Dead: Fr. Max’s Story

Why Do Catholics Pray for the Dead?

Understanding the Grace that Comes with a Mass Intention

Breaking Barriers to Education: The Mozambique Student Housing Project

Poverty Isn’t Just About Food—Three Types of Poverty Around the Globe

Making the Lenten Journey: How to Walk with Greater Faith This Season

5 Ways You Can Work Toward Peace and Justice

A School Making a Difference: Education Access for the Poor — Nabajyoti High School, India

The Link Between Poverty and Education: Can Education Be Used to Eradicate Poverty?

Three Key Reasons Why You Should Care About the Global Church

Unpacking the Twofold Meaning of Blessed Are They Who Mourn

A Cloud of Witnesses: Who are the Saints and Why do They Matter?

What Does it Mean to be Poor in Spirit? 3 Ways to Live Spiritual Poverty

Feeding the Hungry in Kayole, Kenya

Empowering the Church in Chad: A Story of Hope from the Parish Pastor

What Is Almsgiving? Understanding the Third Pillar of Lent

20 Almsgiving Examples and Ideas for Lent

Here's Why the Philippines Needs COVID-19 Relief Now (and How Our Missionaries Are Responding)

How Do We Address Global Pain in 2020 and Work Toward Peace and Justice?

Communicating Christ During COVID: How Missionaries Are Using Social Media to Reach Their Flocks

Faith, Hope and Charity—COVID-19 presents a time to live out the theological virtues

Giving Tuesday Now: A Day of Unity to Give, Thank, Help and Heal

Missionary Life During COVID-19: Stories from the Field

Climb Every Mountain: A Seminarian's Journey in Papua New Guinea

The Three Pillars of Lent: Almsgiving

Resources to Help You Stay Spiritually Connected During COVID-19

Lenten Reflection: Being a Joyful Missionary

A Home of Care and Love

A Spirit-Filled Music Project Keeps Teenagers in Brazil Out of Trouble

What Is the True Power of the Mass?

What’s the Relationship Between Peace and Justice?

Exploring the State of Peace and Justice in the World Today

The Joy of the Gospel Is Stronger

Preparing Seminarians for Mission through the Village Immersion Program

Update from Beira: Emergency Relief Needs in Storm-Battered Mozambique

Life at the Karunalaya Leprosy Care Centre

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Changes Lives

[NEW RESOURCE] Addressing the Reality of Poverty in 2019

What Is a Mass Request? Explaining the Ways You Can Support the Global Church

A Cocoa and Coconut Plantation in Papua New Guinea

A Unique Challenge for Missionaries in 2019

Their Blessed Event Joined Christian Faith with African Tradition

A Mother’s Legacy Reaches Thailand

Promoting Communication in Toks Pisin

A Dream, a Plan, Now Hope for the Future

Learning Polish in the Fu Shenfu Migrant Center

[New Resource] Why Our Catholic Missionaries Are Educating the Poor and Marginalized All Over the World

Preparing Seminarians in Vietnam for Life as a Missionary

The Christian Family, A Seedbed of Vocations

Living Out the Corporal Works of Mercy

How Are You Serving This Lent?

Spreading Peace and Mercy Where There Is Risk and Violence

How One Woman’s Conversion Brought a Whole Parish Together

Eight Years Without a Priest: Fr. Eric Ankamah on the Joy of Parish Life

Announcing Mission Impact

Zunana Malala Wants to Have a Say

Celebrating St. Arnold Janssen: Here's What You Need to Know About This Catholic Missionary Priest

Consultation Under a Tree

Encountering Life in Cali

Mission Rebel: Sold and Enslaved

Great Love in the Face of Abject Poverty

This Is Your House

The Story of the Good Lord Jesus of Iguape, Brazil

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