The Link Between Poverty and Education: Can Education Be Used to Eradicate Poverty?

By Divine Word Missionaries on August 20, 2020
Around the globe, many countries are facing a crisis in education. Children are missing out on the opportunity to attend school and develop important skills needed to live a prosperous life. Poor resources, regional conflicts, and prejudices ... Read More

A Cocoa and Coconut Plantation in Papua New Guinea

By Dale Kueter on June 20, 2019
Divine Word Missionary Brother Larry Kieffer SVD faces some of the same problems that farmers everywhere experience—uncertain weather, insects, and changing prices. Bro. Larry, a native of Bellevue, Iowa, has been a missionary in Papua New Guinea ... Read More

Promoting Communication in Toks Pisin

By Fr. Frank Mihalic SVD on May 23, 2019
Father Frank Mihalic SVD was head of the Communication Arts Department at Divine Word University from 1982 until his retirement in 1997. Originally sent to Papua New Guinea in 1948, Fr. Mihalic wrote the first English lexicon of Toks ... Read More

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