What Is the True Power of the Mass?

By Divine Word Missionaries on October 10, 2019

The Mass is the heart of Catholic religious life. It gives participants courage and hope to face everyday challenges. It provides direction and encouragement through the scriptures. It allows time to reflect and talk to the Lord. It also offers an opportunity to intercede for family and friends.

The Mass Brings Warmth Into the World

Close your eyes and think of the sun’s powerful rays rippling down around you—feel the warmth and the energy. Much like the sun’s rays, when you offer a Mass in the name of a loved one, that same warmth and energy ripples out into our lives and into the lives of others. This rippling grace of Mass brings peace, healing and goodness into the world.

Father Mariusz Pacula SVD, a missionary to Ghana, tells a story that illustrates the power of Mass–giving spiritual strength at a time of physical weakness.

Martha and the Power of the Mass

Conferring with a catechist named James, Fr. Pacula learned of an elderly woman named Martha who had been hospitalized numerous times. Because of complications from a recent surgery, she feared returning to the hospital. Believing Martha’s life was nearing its end, Fr. Pacula agreed to baptize her the next day.

Fr. Pacula takes up the story:

“The following day, I traveled to the chapel in the village of Zamashiegu, about 15 miles from the main parish church in Gushiegu. When I arrived, the chapel was closed and no one was there.  After an hour, James came. He thought the baptism was to take place at Martha’s home. I asked him if she was strong enough to come to the chapel so she could receive the sacraments during the celebration of the Eucharist. He thought she could, especially with the help of family and friends.

“A little later, family members and people from the Zamashiegu Catholic community gathered with the frail, suffering woman at the chapel. I saw in their faces the compassion they felt for Martha. During Mass she sat on the floor because she was more comfortable there. She was in pain, but did not groan or cry out. She listened intently as the Scripture readings were proclaimed. When she was baptized, she accepted Martha as her Christian name. Martha also received Holy Communion for the first time, as well as the anointing of the sick.”


Give the Gift of the Holy Mass Today

The gift of the holy Mass tells a loved one they are not forgotten or alone. Your kindness shows the recipient they are loved; it assures them of your thoughts and prayers, your comfort and love. It is a warm ray of sunshine.

That sunshine ripples even further. Your offering goes directly to support a Divine Word Missionary priest in one of the more than 80 countries where we work. For our priests in the far corners of the world, Mass stipends are often their sole source of income. But much more than monetary support, your offering could help a priest such as Fr. Pacula bring hope and healing—a ray of warmth and energy to those he serves.

Is there someone in your life who needs warmth and love? Offer a mass for them today, and watch the power of grace bring healing and hope.

Give the Gift of a Mass


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