Missionary Life During COVID-19: Stories from the Field

By Divine Word Missionaries on May 2, 2020

Around the world, individuals in every community are stepping up to help their neighbors during this difficult and unpredictable time. Teachers are going the extra mile to ensure their students have meals and feel cared for, neighbors are stocking “little libraries” with canned goods for people in need, and others are putting their stimulus checks to great use—like this customer who left it as a tip for a family-owned business.But it doesn’t take grand gestures to make a significant impact during this crisis. You, too, can take simple actions that will make a big difference in the lives of those around you. For example, set up a weekly Zoom call with your extended family members, call a loved one who is living alone, offer to pick up groceries or medication for your elderly neighbors, write a thank you note and send it to your local hospital, or send a donation to a charity that is making a difference during this time. 

Do you feel called to help? Donate now to help support coronavirus relief for  the poorest of the poor. 

The Work of Divine Word Missionaries During COVID-19

In 81 countries around the world, Divine Word Missionaries live among and serve the poorest of the poor. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, our missionaries’ work has intensified. 

Before COVID-19, the poor and vulnerable were already struggling to make ends meet. Now, the pandemic has made their daily pain and suffering unbearable. So many of the disadvantaged have been laid off their already low-paying jobs and, with no income, many are unable to feed their children. 

Our missionaries are already responding to the increased needs of individuals and families. Here is one of the many stories they have shared with us from the communities they serve. 

Missionaries in India Reach Out to the Poor During COVID-19 Crisis

Father Roy Thomas SVD, a missionary in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, shared with us what conditions are like for many of the poor in India.

“In a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus the Indian government has decided on total lockdowns, self-quarantine and forced isolation. We are witnessing uncertainty at best and insanity at worst. It has changed our lives. Our mental and social well-being are affected. Confirmed cases of infections are rising rapidly.

“The worst affected by the crisis in India are the poor—informal sector workers (daily wagers), farmers, etc.—who do not have adequate food for survival. The situation will become worse in the coming days, weeks and months as we do not have proper health measures to support the infected patients...

“India witnessed the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis much later than many other countries. Through the Janvikas Society (a nongovernmental organization run by Divine Word Missionaries), we in Indore city in the state of Madhya Pradesh had prepared the people living in the slums—primarily the waste pickers and domestic workers we often deal with—by conducting awareness programs. … We have created a city-level network of NGOs, and through this network we are collecting grocery items and providing food to the needy. Some companies following corporate social responsibility initiatives have come forward to supply food. Our volunteers are helping them by delivering this food to the people who most need it.”

From Your Home To The Mission: Join Us

Around the world, Divine Word Missionaries are being called to support the disadvantaged by providing food, medicine and basic supplies. From the safety of our homes, we can bring hope to those who desperately need it.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in emergency relief. This money will be used by our missionaries to feed hungry families and children, offer basic supplies (such as masks, clothes and hygiene products) and provide essential medical care during this great crisis. We know that in our own country many are also hurting due to income and job loss, but if you are in a position to help right now please consider donating $50—$75—$100 or anything you can to this emergency relief fund. 

Together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we can help each other through this incredible trial and find great hope and joy in the generosity of our fellow man.

Please help us bring hope to those suffering from COVID-19 in the farthest corners of the world—
join in giving to the emergency relief fund!

Give hope to the poor.


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