Exploring the State of Peace and Justice in the World Today

By Divine Word Missionaries on September 19, 2019
The news is full of stories of conflict, poverty, and destruction. For most of us, these stories cause a moment or a day of sadness or concern. Maybe we even offer a prayer for those impacted by the chaos.  The sad reality, though, ... Read More

The Joy of the Gospel Is Stronger

By Fr. Eric Ankamah SVD on August 22, 2019
It was the First Sunday of Lent in 2016. Solomon Ankaya, a diocesan seminarian, and I were on our way to Konguan, one of the ten mission outstations of Holy Trinity parish in Bogia, Papua New Guinea.  We traveled by car along a ... Read More

What Is a Mass Request? Explaining the Ways You Can Support the Global Church

By Divine Word Missionaries on June 27, 2019
Did you know that religious people are much more likely to give to charitable causes than are non-religious people? According to research conducted by the Philanthropy Panel Study in 2017, "62 percent of religious households give to charity, only ... Read More

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