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Making the Lenten Journey: How to Walk with Greater Faith This Season

By Divine Word Missionaries on February 20, 2020
Have you ever heard life described as a pilgrimage? A journey that is leading to our final end which is union with God in heaven? This idea is an ancient one in the Christian tradition. The idea is that ... Read More

A Spirit-Filled Music Project Keeps Teenagers in Brazil Out of Trouble

By Divine Word Missionaries on November 27, 2019
The Holy Spirit often moves in unexpected ways, but his inspirations bear much fruit. The Spirit moved in the heart of a Divine Word seminarian in a unique way this year. This seminarian, Akizou Kamina SVD, was ... Read More

What Is the True Power of the Mass?

By Divine Word Missionaries on October 10, 2019
The Mass is the heart of Catholic religious life. It gives participants courage and hope to face everyday challenges. It provides direction and encouragement through the scriptures. It allows time to reflect and ... Read More

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