The Link Between Poverty and Education: Can Education Be Used to Eradicate Poverty?

By Divine Word Missionaries on November 11, 2022
Many countries around the globe are facing a crisis in education. Children are missing out on the opportunity to attend school and develop important skills needed to live a prosperous life. Poor resources, regional conflicts, and ... Read More

Three Key Reasons Why You Should Care About the Global Church

By Divine Word Missionaries on November 4, 2022
It can be easy to become provincial as a follower of Christ. We minister to others through our local parish community, we attend events hosted by our diocese, we see the same people every week at mass, and we sometimes forget the ... Read More

Unpacking the Twofold Meaning of Blessed Are They Who Mourn

By Divine Word Missionaries on November 4, 2022
Grief is tangible. It sulks heavily in the air and drapes over the shoulders of all who bear it. It's even contagious, prompting the human soul into depths of compassion unknown, spurring us to express this cathartic reaction known as ... Read More

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