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Ministering to the Living While Praying For the Dead: Fr. Max’s Story

By Divine Word Missionaries on October 12, 2023
Amid the tall buildings and crowded streets at the center of Cebu City, Philippines, lies an expanse of headstones commemorating the deceased—a cemetery filled with the graves of loved ones who have moved on to their eternal reward. But this ... Read More

Why Do Catholics Pray for the Dead?

By Divine Word Missionaries on September 26, 2023
Have you ever wondered why Catholics pray for the dead? It's a question that piques the curiosity of both non-Catholics and fellow Catholics alike. If death is the end of earthly life, why would we bother to pray for the deceased if their ... Read More

Understanding the Grace that Comes with a Mass Intention

By Divine Word Missionaries on September 22, 2023
What if I told you the most important event in human history happens every single day? It happens in our communities, maybe even down the road from our homes. It takes place in local churches, often on a modest altar dressed in white. Read More

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