Understanding the Grace that Comes with a Mass Intention

By Divine Word Missionaries on September 22, 2023
What if I told you the most important event in human history happens every single day? It happens in our communities, maybe even down the road from our homes. It takes place in local churches, often on a modest altar dressed in white. Read More

Breaking Barriers to Education: The Mozambique Student Housing Project

By Divine Word Missionaries on June 14, 2023
Picture this: a yellow school bus comes to a stop in a residential neighborhood dotted with cheery green trees. Dozens of children happily climb aboard and eagerly await their new day of learning. The bus rolls about a mile down the road, and ... Read More

Poverty Isn’t Just About Food—Three Types of Poverty Around the Globe

By Divine Word Missionaries on May 12, 2023
Poverty is a harsh affliction that affects millions of people around the world. Each day, many are gripped with fear as they struggle to know where their next meal will come from, how they will provide for their ... Read More

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